Thursday, June 18, 2009


By: Tera Freese

If you sit on the fence
for too long,
each side is equally sorrowful
and lovely
Over there - dandelions daisies joy
Over there - cinnamon leaves quick river rage
Over here - vines of empowerment
Over here - puddles of loneliness.

Make a move - says the Goddess -
reach your fingertips high in sun salute-
Feel the glory - says the Christ - God is
a circle of doves around your own moon
Stay and witness - says Siddhartha -
under the bodhi tree- all pain, all joy
waves receding, entering.

And I - I believe them all -
That I must stay and feel
as long as the loam of earth will hold me-
That I must shift like the seasonal light
across the plains, behind the hills, ahead of
the tide - grounded in love

But, I am heavy as a star falling out of atmosphere,
This brown mud in my center
This sand in my veins.

Yet, I must choose.
I cannot stay much longer at these crossroads
watching, agonizing....
The tender lilac clouds of past rise
on the one side
And on the other
sun presses down toward its
gorgeous bloody setting.

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