Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Cure for Depression (an oldie written in high school)

By: Kyle Elden

Get dumb drunk off of sunlight.
Sing to yourself in busses, hallways,
bathrooms et cetera.
Fill up blank pages with joy of
pen streaking madness.
Dance naked through your house.
Go for long walks alone.
Tongue kiss your dog.
Don’t let anyone take your heart
in their hands
pack it like a snowball
and throw it at a window
so you can watch it melt
against the warmth so something
somewhere else
Don’t expect anyone to fill the
void inside.
Be careful with your heart
ya’ know
cuz it’s fragile like ice, glass, or life
and you only get one.
Don’t worry cuz someday it’ll all
come together
life’s just stubborn sometimes
like thread stuck in a zipper.
Pick flowers…
Make daisy wreaths
and wear them in wind blown
sunburnt hair…
Forget sunscreen
let your skin peel and curl
like expensive lace.
Collect odd stones.
Get high off of laughter
and take drags off of fresh air.
Come gather here
cuz really there ain’t nothing broken
that can’t be fixed
and we all hold the tools
underneath our ribs.
Make love with your life…
Get intimate with a fire…
Go skinny-dipping and gather goosebumps.
Don’t let the colors fade,
this isn’t black and white TV.
Run across rocky backroads
and pavement barefoot..
Dig deeper into the dirt &
let it stain your fingers…
Please sing…
And cry, but not too much,
everything is good
but only in moderation.
Don’t be afraid to look
when you pass a mirror
because, you’re beautiful.
Go to Lake Superior for answers..
And although Dr’s prescribe
Prozac and Welbutrin
I’ve heard the best cure
for depression is a nice
tall glass of sweet sunlight.

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