Wednesday, June 3, 2009

leaning up against invitations of creativity 5.27.o9

Erin O'Daniel

I woke up early
with compassion for the fiery sun.
who today is also reconciling the life long process
of coming in and out of hiding.

I woke up early thinking about
how last night’s rain decided to fall on us for hours
lending itself to the perfect, misty wet electric invitation.

I laughed (with absolutely no remorse
or self consciousness) all the way home.
one of the day’s most beautiful gifts-
finding the truth, being free enough to
put exactly what I was feeling into words-
one sentence!

‘I want you to come home with me.’

I offered. I’m still carrying around the flavors of extending myself-
like dark curry stays in the hair or on the clothes of a lover
hours after a late night celebratory dinner on the lower east side.

the only thing I wish now
is that I had leaned you up against the warmest of the two cars
and kissed your blue lips. taking your hand while
using the weight of the vehicle
to press my body into yours.
letting you know that I’m serious-
And having fun with creative invitations.

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