Friday, April 30, 2010

My Burning Heart

From: Love Poems of Rumi - Deepak Chopra
Translated by: Fereydoun Kia
Edited: Dr Deepak Chopra

My heart is burning with love
All can see this flame
My heart is pulsing with passion
like waves on an ocean

my friends have become strangers
and I’m surrounded by enemies
But I’m free as the wind
no longer hurt by those who reproach me

I’m at home wherever I am
And in the room of lovers
I can see with closed eyes
the beauty that dances

Behind the veils
intoxicated with love
I too dance the rhythm
of this moving world

I have lost my senses
in my world of lovers

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Song for the Angels

By: Great Lake Swimmers

The echo to your yell
The ripple to your dive
The currents under your wave

Flows through me
I send it out to you
We were charged
With the founding poles
Of a million years
A million years
Before us
Have trembled in their fears

Never saw you never heard you
But i knew that you where there
I could feel you all around me

I know that i am just a grain of sand
Meeting water at the land
We could make our castles here
And sweep them all away

I know that i am just a drop of water
Frozen into ice on the stormy earth
Who gave us birth
Over and over in cycles
Lovely cycles

Never saw you never heard you
But i knew that you were there
I could feel you all around me

Never saw you never heard you
But i knew that you were there
I could feel you all around me

Friday, April 23, 2010


By: Kyle Elden

The blueprint was astounding
the potential incredulous
they stared for days at the sleek white paper,
at the meticulously drawn lines
of what could be

They fooled themselves
with all the right materials
stacked neatly next to the
beautifully constructed design
stocked aside the prospect
of something great
and even though they knew
this land was ridden
with boulders and jagged rocks, knew
this place was not suitable to build
she laid down her precious pearls
and he his precious stones
and they began construction

And so it goes
everything raised
all that was resurrected
every nail used to hold together
this possible masterpiece
crumbled against the rocky foundation
nothing took root

Now this place is ruins
wood and cement and debris
timidly heaped and broken on the ground
and it is no surprise that what was
sacred that was given
as an offering in exchange for hope
is now shattered fragments, broken pieces,
crushed precious material
underneath the rubble of what could have been
for all along they knew,
they knew it would not stand here,
not in this way

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Buddhist Chants His Epitaph

By: Dan Berrigan

To have, to hold
is all the rage-
Turn a blank page
let go, let go.