Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Different Shore

By: Kyle Elden

Everything that could be said
of our love has been spoken

Tirelessly I tried to keep you near
you, a boat adrift briefly pulled in – me,
wrapping the rope around the dock cleat and chock
with my words, giving of myself
spiraling in overlapping figure eights
around and around this silver anchor
held steady at the shore where we met

indecision, circumstance, and fear
unwittingly fray what kept us connected
until it snapped, broke apart

I am left here
with the short busted end of the rope
flapping in the wind

I tried to grasp for what has already floated away
waking suddenly from a dream, reaching for
what is not there, calling your name into
an empty room

I watch the silhouette of you
fade into the horizon
of a different shore
far away from here

You took the turn
you needed to take
steering to a place
you told me you must

You leave me with the words
“I will love and adore you forever”
these tiny agates I gathered here,
bright and warm as a fiery sunset,
I carry in my pocket for some comfort

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