Saturday, June 6, 2009

Something Great

The magnetic pull of transformation
draws me forward
like the whisper of my love
the touch that lures me into
a tangled mess of limbs, skin to skin
and sweat, hair in disarray
looking deep into the blue of his eyes
this trembling memento
burned forever in my mind
a moment I dared to delve into
a slippery fish I caught with my
bare hands and held long enough
to be scale covered and shimmering
with water from the lake

transformation calls me
bells ringing, signaling
the beginning of something
I could almost miss
and I’m running down the
street hiking up my skirt
stumbling in heels
heart thumping, jumping
beyond choice or reason
to forge forward
to grab hold of the metal bars
on the side of the train
that is noisily clanking, chugging
into motion up an unknown hill
toward something great that is
waiting, waiting, waiting
for me

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