Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scarred By Struggle, Transformed By Hope

I would like to share a bit of correspondence between myself and Cindy Spillers inspired from an earlier post of mine. In addition, included therein is a power point presentation by Cindy that includes some of Joan Chittister's quotes as it relates to the topic at hand. Enjoy, I certainly did:

So, early in April I checked into Grace Intoxicated and read and reread your post about Joan Chittister. Thank you so much for posting that. At the time, I was putting together a paper for the MN Speech & Hearing Association conference, on the inner transformational journey that some clients travel while they are traveling the external therapeutic road. I used the Wizard of Oz as an example of a hero's quest and as a metaphor for this inner journey. AND your post helped me to articulate and tie together some things that I was struggling with. I borrowed some Chittister quotes from your blog and cited you as the source in my references.

Here is the link to the slides that I put together, if you're interested.
Power Point Presentation

I developed this topic and presentation for the Minnesota Speech and Hearing Association Conference (MSHA), April 2012. The link goes to the slides that I used in the MSHA conference.


Cindy Spillers is an Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Her main areas of professional practice include fluency, voice, and counseling. Most recently, she has conducted research and written on the topic of incorporating spirituality into professional practice.


Ph.D. in Communication Disorders,1982
Associate Professor at UMD
UMD faculty for 28 years
Certificate in Spiritual Guidance and Direction
ASHA Certified
MDH License

The initial version of this topic appears as part of a chapter that I wrote for a book on the therapeutic relationship. The citation for the chapter appears as one of the references at the end of the slides.

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