Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Best Day Ever

By: Kyle Elden

I was recently reading Deborah Adele's blog entry entitled The Best Day Ever, follow to read:
http://www.deborahadele.com/2012/05/best-day-ever.html, and I loved it. She describes little kids playing with bubbles in her neighborhood, swept away in the present moment with the simple, yet profound joy found in experiencing the good and beautiful moments in life. One of the children, caught up in the magnificence and wonder of bubbles exclaims, "this is the best day ever!" Deborah Adele reflects on her own life at this moment pondering when it was she last felt that sentiment. That got me thinking about the way in which we take in our lives. I recently read James Bryan Smith's The Good and Beautiful God and there is a chapter, "God is Trustworthy" with a soul training (a daily, practical practice to help one connect with God) Counting Your Blessings. He discusses the way in which we tend to overlook the many ways in which we are provided for, the ways in which we are surrounded with incredible beauty and blessings. What if we awoke each day reveling in the absolute miracle that we can simply breathe and open our eyes to see a spectacular sunrise or watch lightening dance in the sky and rain splash against a window pane? I notice that, even when things are tough, I am disappointed or frustrated, or my little heart is breaking, when I do take the time to shift my perspective of life and allow myself to revel in the bounty of goodness that is at hand - well, I can't help but become flooded with absolute gratitude and feel close to God. I can't help but be filled with hope and peace. So, thinking of that little kid deeming the bubble chasing moment day as the best day ever - well, I freaking love the spirit of that statement. And, although I may not proclaim every day as the best day ever!!!perhaps at the very least I can appreciate and ruminate on precious moments and days in my life that are more than pretty damn good and find myself saying more and more, "Damn! This is good, this is the best ever!"

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