Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tooth Fairy

By: Kyle Elden

Asleep amidst tangled pink comforter,
Buttercup your brown and black puppy,
Lavender your bald, blue eyed baby,
and your purple unicorn pillow-pet

Eve of first day of first grade
hot September night moistens
your brown skin with sweat I taste
as I kiss your forehead

I come in with a wad of ones
in my hand, brush against
your dark curls with my arm;
I am the magic
as I swap tooth for money
beneath pillow
I imagine fireworks
of fairy dust falling from
my fingers

But I know in the morning
your eyes will shine brighter
when you throw your pillow aside
and discover crumpled dollars
you will run to me
fists full of money
gap toothed smile
to crack open my heart
my little girl:
you are the magic

And you'll yell,
"mama, mama look!"
And I'll sweep your almost
seven year old, sandy foot,
scraped up knee, dirty fingernail,
lipstick obsessed little self
into my arms
and I'll squeal, and jump around,
and dance with you

Because this is better than
any lottery
and I've won more with you
than millions that could afford
yachts, and fancy cars, and
something bigger than our little

I took that Ziplock baggie
with your small tooth lined
with dried blood
and hid it away in the back
of my desk drawer
under papers and junk
so you won't find out
til' you're older
it was me, and I couldn't
bear to throw away that
little piece of you

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