Tuesday, February 23, 2010


By: Sara Davidson

Blue lilies grow endlessly in my womb
The same spot where a light was born

Trickling through rocky valleys
Of lust and love

Wavering the reality of life
And home.

My favorite memories of a young brown eyed girl
With prayers mustered out of a thick gut

Trusting God to lead me the right way
Through raw bones and dust

A rocky reality to the big life where friends play
'dress up' in a mirage of neon marques.

A lucid reminder that God does hear every prayer
And is in control of what ever this gift is.

The bleak reminder that we are all weak
Stone dried
Lying in this barren field

A land where children ask,
"How much longer?"
and husbands stroke dusty guitar stings.

Lights are blue
Lights are green
Lights are out.

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