Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet Child

By: Kyle Elden
(for Stella)

You came
breaking the darkness
glistening across the Lake
like beams of summer sunlight
throwing your brilliance
into our lives

You chose us
your parents
whispered to the creator
gently rushing through
the hands of the universe
with the strength
of ocean tides

Inside me
you weaved into existence
with the force of cosmos
the planets orbiting
dancing in circles
with the rhythm
of the infinite

Daily you teach us of God
in your smile
when you awake in the morning
full of joy
reminding us how to be
in the present moment
the past
& the future only illusions
of what was and what may come

This world
is crazy & beautiful
it is of both
darkness & light
you will touch pain
& you will touch happiness
both a burning fire
in the heart of
human life

May you always be
in tune with your
true self
always know that
you are nothing
less than

All the mistakes
and experiences
tumble downward
to the earth
like autumn leaves
the golden
the red
the orange
the green
the brown
they swirl into
the earth
moving through the cycle
bringing new life
over and over again

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