Monday, July 20, 2009


By: Kyle Elden

We can only begin
to grasp you
through metaphors,
through beliefs,
squeezing tiny drops
of the Infinite’s sweet nectar,
golden as dawns first light,
shedding layers of truth
upon humanity

It is through You,
upon your breath
streaming through
branches of trees
swirling out
of the open mouths
of orange poppies and
that Life is sustained

The name Father or King
Mother or Friend
cannot capture you fully
all these names
used to describe you
allow us to be submerged
in the ocean of You
but we have only swam
in the palm of your
hand, have only heard
whispers of your wisdom
we do not know
the entirety of You

These metaphors
and beliefs
both give you to us
and tear you to pieces
once a sacred
and still river
your image is now
broken across that
same water
we must stop
throwing stones
stop fighting
let the waves settle
and wait for You
to emerge clearly

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