Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Loveroot, Silk Thread

By: Shelia Packa
Duluth's Poet Laureate :)

let me give enough of myself away
let me hold nothing so close
I can not release it.....

like breath that comes into the body
the way water leaves the shore
like love you've spent

the warmth of the shoulder
what softens the face
or gathers behind sorrow

gravity that presses light inside
what doesn't resign in its reaching
but pauses for breath

a deep and awkward question
what is sealed in its tomb
what gains in its diminishing

let me keep nothing back
not the dead
not the broken seed cases
not the torn letters

love breathing in the palm
as I tear at the earth

not the vine
root, relinquished blossom
not the broken pot

shattered mirror
not the stone
not the promise or rose

but give it all, all.....

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