Monday, December 14, 2009

Venus’ Fire

By: Kyle Elden

I am wide open
a cracked egg
raw on a cold black
frying pan
waiting for heat
to change what is

I try to love you better
to shape winter into summer
but the ice cuts my hands
and the blood drops
behind me
for all to see

The birds are gone –
no red breasted robins
to sing easily on an
outstretched Birch branch

Always hopeful
wanting to dwell in
the light
on all the
on all the things that
continue to shine

But today I hold
this darkness –
for it has been given
to me as well,
I turn from
every urge I have
to wrap it in something

Today I am ready
to stare deep into the
eyes of the dragon
to walk through
Venus’ fire, which
in nighttime
outshines everything
but the moon

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