Tuesday, November 24, 2009


By: Kyle Leia Elden

how people
pass through our lives
or singing boldly, or whispering softly
yet each leaving a mark,
touching us
or fiercely, or barely

our lives
spread across time
nearly invisible
except in the afternoon light
when you slow down
and pay attention to the tiny details
a silvery spider web
the intricate weaving
of people and experiences
a map of what has occurred
here and there, then and when
the intersection of people
for a time

There is a place
where the only thing
that exists is love
shining through the unique patterns
that make up our relationships
the ebbs and flows
the coming together and the departure
casting shadow images that dance through eternity

We cannot capture any of it, the moments
can’t bottle it up
in a glass jar with a lid
like golden sunlight it sifts through
and leaves only warmth and emptiness
as reminders

Yet somehow, what was good
that love,
glows in our hearts
lighting our way forward
as we stumble through
the tangled and thorny
bushes of life
with the sweet wild scent of roses
in the air
trying to understand why, and how,
and what if
trying to make sense of it all

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