Monday, September 14, 2009


By: Kyle Elden

Do not stay
at the dark point
of the moon
it’s important
you are there

Do not believe
that blackness & emptiness
melancholy flowers
that bloom and die
in the same hour
are eternal

Do not give birth
to your story
and then carry
it around
like a dead baby
you cannot bear
to bury

Do not resent
yourself for your

Do not hate yourself
for that 10 pounds
for the acne
for your lack
of appetite
for the diarrhea & fatigue
for the dark circles
for all the tears
that swell and fall
and then evaporate
as if to symbolize
your sadness
has gone away
you know better

Everyday inhale light
slowly begin to orbit
notice the sunshine
the breeze
a child smiling
the snow
recollect moments
of happiness

Feel your truth
warm & red
begin to beat and flow

Listen to the sweet
sound of yourself
shifting gears,
driving endlessly---
until you
are staring into the
fierce face of a full moon
you caught a glimpse
of in your rearview mirror
while you were singing
to the radio

You stop
and realize that all along
you were the sun,
you just couldn’t
see yourself

1 comment:

  1. This is an old one, written probably about 8 years ago....but for some reason, resonates with me again today!! :)